Hi there! I’m Greg Herren, and welcome to my world.

I’m an author, and I’m assuming you’re here because you either have read some of my books, or are curious about them. I’m primarily known as a mystery writer. I write two series, the Chanse MacLeod mysteries and the Scotty Bradley adventures. Both private eyes are gay men who live in New Orleans, but there the similarities end. Chanse and Scotty are about as different as two people can be! Chanse is darker and more cynical, and so are the books. Scotty, on the other hand, is a happy-go-lucky person who can always see the humor in everything, and is always looking for the silver lining in every cloud. The Chanse novels have more of a noirish bent to them, while the Scotty books are always just a lot of fun.

A couple of years ago, I started writing books for teenagers. It wasn’t something I really thought I’d be able to do—but once I started, I found myself really enjoying myself with the stories and the characters. I also was able to explore some issues near and dear to my heart with these books—feminism, bullying, coming out as a gay teen—and plan to continue writing them. I haven’t even scratched the surface of issues facing teenagers today…

I write a lot about New Orleans because I’ve lived here for sixteen years, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. While I do enjoy traveling, I am always really happy to come back home to my beautiful city on the river. I live in the historic lower Garden District neighborhood in a gorgeous old Victorian house built in the 1880’s—and as anyone who lives in an old house can attest, that can be quite a challenge! We lost our roof during Hurricane Katrina, so we were out of our home for about a year before we could move back in…but there’s always something needing to be fixed around here!

I also work full-time as well as work part-time as an editor for Bold Strokes Books. I have been with my partner for seventeen years, and live a very full life.

As Scotty says, “Life never gives you anything you can’t handle. It’s how you handle it that matters.”