Todd Gregory

I started my fiction career writing erotica.


Yep, I was a most notorious smut peddler. But you want to know a secret? I still write and publish it—part of my evil plan for undermining the very fabric of our society and moral fabric.

But around 2005 I realized, after an incident involving the Concerned Women for America and the Family Research Council, that all the people who told me I couldn’t be taken seriously as a writer if I also wrote erotic fiction had been right. Publishing erotic fiction under my own name had caused me some problems—including the occasional death threat—so I came to the conclusion that I needed to divorce the Greg Herren brand from erotica, or stop writing it entirely.

One aspect of my personality I should probably do something about is my stubbornness—if someone tells me I can’t do something or I shouldn’t do something, that just makes me want to do it all the more. Since people had always told me I should stop writing erotica, it made me want to write more of it.

It was extremely frustrating. I enjoyed writing short stories—I still do—but the sad truth was, there were very few places at the time that would publish short stories with gay characters. (Of course, that’s true of short stories in general, not just gay ones.) But I wanted to keep writing gay-themed short stories, but if I wanted to publish them, I had to put a sex scene in them.

To solve this quandary, I created Todd Gregory, a pseudonym derived from my first and middle names.

To date, Todd has published over twenty short stories, has edited several anthologies, and has published three novels. A collection of Todd Gregory short stories, Promises in Every Star and Other Stories, is forthcoming from Bold Strokes Books in 2013.

Todd is kind of weird—his stories have been about vampires, mermen, empaths, angels, demons and all kinds of interesting gay men. But one thing they all have in common—nasty gay sex!

You’ve been warned.