Reviewers Love Greg Herren’s Mysteries

“Herren, a loyal New Orleans resident, paints a brilliant portrait of the recovering city, including insights into its tight-knit gay community. This latest installment in a powerful series is sure to delight old fans and attract new ones.”—Publishers Weekly

“Fast-moving and entertaining, evoking the Quarter and its gay scene in a sweet, funny, action-packed way.”—New Orleans Times-Picayune

“Herren does a fine job of moving the story along, deftly juggling the murder investigation and the intricate relationships while maintaining several running subjects.”—Echo Magazine

“An entertaining read.”—OutSmart Magazine

“A pleasant addition to your beach bag.”—Bay Windows

“Yes, it’s fiction, but it also one of the most true reflections I’ve read of the reality of life as we fled from a hurricane and returned to post-K New Orleans.”—New Orleans Times-Picayune

“Greg Herren gives readers a tantalizing glimpse of New Orleans.”—Midwest Book Review

“Herren’s characters, dialogue and setting make the book seem absolutely real.”—The Houston Voice

“So much fun it should be thrown from Mardi Gras floats!” —New Orleans Times-Picayune

“Greg Herren just keeps getting better.”—Lambda Book Report

“Thoroughly engaging in every way.”—Booklist

“This enjoyable book takes its pleasures in fantastic coincidences and the outrageous behavior of it’s larger-than-life characters. Herren offers a paean to New Orleans, and his fondness for the streets, the sights and the smells are lovingly rendered on every page…an entertaining, Big Easy read.” –Philadelphia Gay News

“Upbeat prose compounded of humor, caustic observations of Bourbon Street tourists and far-reaching subplots recommend this first novel.” –Library Journal

“Herren’s sassy, amusing mix of sex and sleuthing marks the debut of what promises to be a titillating series.”—Richard Labonte, Book Marks

What Other Authors Have to Say

“Crackling with all the steamy heat and erotic adventure of New Orleans, this is a sexy gay noir for the twenty-first century. I couldn’t put it down!”—William J. Mann, author of Where the Boys Are

“A smooth, savvy addition to the annals of New Orleans literature.”—Julie Smith, Edgar Award winning author of New Orleans Mourning

 Praise for Sleeping Angel

“Greg Herren is a master storyteller, and his latest book is no exception. It’s a beautifully crafted mystery, geared to a young adult audience, with a focus on family and peer relationships and a valuable lesson about tolerance. It’s strongly recommended reading for teens…5 stars out of 5 stars”—Bob Lind, Echo Magazine

Sleeping Angel “will probably be put on the young adult (YA) shelf, but the fact is that it’s a cracking good mystery that general readers will enjoy as well. It just happens to be about teens…A unique viewpoint, a solid mystery and good characterization all conspire to make Sleeping Angel a welcome addition to any shelf, no matter where the bookstores stock it.”—Jerry Wheeler, Out in Print

“This fast-paced mystery is skillfully crafted. Red herrings abound and will keep readers on their toes until the very end. Before the accident, few readers would care about Eric, but his loss of memory gives him a chance to experience dramatic growth, and the end result is a sympathetic character embroiled in a dangerous quest for truth.”—VOYA